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eBay Consulting and Other Web Services

Thinking of moving your business online? Already have and don’t know how to grow? eBay sales slowing down?

eCommerce has been the backbone of my professional experience since 2007. I’ve watched the eBay market evolve from the Wild West days of a free-for-all auction to its current format rivaling Amazon for its place in online marketplaces.

Whether you have an established sales presence and are looking to move your brand to a custom domain, or you’re just beginning your journey, we can help you grow your business at reasonable rates!

Title and description are the most important leads into your eBay listing. We review your current inventory and provide you with detailed reports on what keywords can be added or removed from your titles and descriptions.

Need help setting up an online store on eBay for the first time? We provide phone and screen-sharing meetings to guide you through the process of making your first eBay sale.

All right, we got through all the hard stuff, but now what? What do you do about all your new listings? Can someone optimize these too?

We provide flexible follow-up plans for long term listing management. No contract is required.

Are you in the Houston area? Would you prefer to work in person?

Although we’re pretty easy to keep in touch with, we understand the need to have someone work on your listings in-house.

We have hourly rates for these sorts of things.

Ready to take your eBay Store brand to the World Wide Web? We can set you up with hosting and a basic store with WordPress and WooCommerce. 

I am not a web designer!

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m not a web designer. But I can set you up with a nice little functional storefront that you can put on your business cards.

Let’s be upfront with my rates, shall we? I charge $75 an hour on average for my time. I can do shorter appointments – let’s say, 30 minutes for $40, which I think is pretty reasonable considering my experience.

I mean, go ahead and check out some of your other options. I saw one dude was charging $500 an hour via telephone. I questioned the last time he even updated his website.

But if you need an eBay consultant, we are your people (Is there even more than one people? You may never know).

The important thing is, we work with all budgets!

We know what it’s like to be small business owners, so our prices are not set in stone. 

Request your FREE eBay Store Report Card, send us your links, and we will reply with our professional suggestions.

If you try it out and decide it was worth it, come back to us! We reward loyal customers.