eBay Store Report Card

If you already have an active eBay Store, we can analyze your inventory and give you our eBay Store Report Card, where we cover the following:

Listing Optimization

eBay's default search is largely guided by their "Best Match" option, which is a culmination of price, shipping cost, title, and description.

We analyze your listings': titles for missing keywords, model and part numbers. We look at your Item Specifics, shipping costs and methods, along with handling time to improve your chances of a higher search result via Best Price.

You don't always have to be the lowest price to make a sale!

eBay Store Categories

If your listings are miscategorized, you run the risk of being filtered out of eBay's search results.

We check your current listings and determine whether or not they are properly categorized according to both eBay's Categories and your own Store Categories.

Insecure Content (HTTPS)

Beginning in 2017, eBay announced any listing descriptions with insecure content would be hidden. This was in response to Chrome browsers warning its users that they were not visiting a secure page.

If your description has been hidden by eBay because they were not updated, you may see a decline in sales. In order for any buyer to see what you are selling, they must now click the dreaded "See full item description" button.

We let you know how many listings are affected by Active Content Insecure HTTP.

Pricing, Competition, and Feedback

If your prices are too high, or the market is saturated with low-ball sellers, you may find that your sales have slowed down as a result.

We can let you know where your product price point stands and how your eBay Feedback and DSR metrics may be affecting your sales.

As a bonus, we check your listings'

Listen, you are here for a reason. Maybe your eBay sales have dipped. Maybe you want to grow your business. Maybe you don’t know a lot about eBay, so you don’t know what the next step to take would be. Or maybe you want to try this eBay thing out for the first time.

All of these are reasons to make time for us.

So what do YOU have to send me?

Submit five (5) of your eBay listings to us, allow us to analyze them for the above criteria, and hopefully talk about what kind of solution what work with your budget.

That’s it. Did I mention it’s free?